I can’t remember a trip where I did not have that nervous excited feeling as the days grew short and travel day approached. The planning and preparation complete, the packing and repacking with the discarding of clothes I know I won’t wear. Loose itineraries preferred and traveling with friends or family a given…or not?

Sometimes one must travel light in order to travel intentionally. Stepping away from the comfort and companionship to travel as “one” incorporates a completely different dynamic. As our world becomes smaller and smaller in part to the conveniences from multiple electronic devises it is easy not to feel totally alone or is it? Do we really want to?

“Traveling light” by oneself and using limited screen time really can make for a wonderful experience. Packing for one, eating for one, interacting as one surrounds you with a completely different perspective to what you see, feel and hear. The sights become a bit more intriguing, the senses a bit more open and the pace of each day a bit more sweet.



For us at Cobblestone Living, we are fortunate to have had both types of experiences. The architecture, the transportation, the changes in language and culture are always a pleasant constant. The opportunity to travel with family, for business or alone is a choice we have had the pleasure to take.

Wherever you go either near or far, taking a little time to go it alone refreshes, renews and awakens apart of yourself that sometimes gets neglected. A new sense of creativity and appreciation fills your soul and reignites that fire in your belly. Your time is for you, your schedule is in part filled with activities and interests that only you can truly benefit from. Whether it is taking a language class, learning a new hobby or simply finding a cafe and reading a book in your own little part of the world, you have yourself back.


The beautiful part of traveling light is returning home. Sharing those experiences with an intensity and passion with friends and family who truly get why you left. The pictures and stories dance through your observations and reflections. You departed with a blank canvas and now you share a framed piece of art. Smiles and laughter spill over the details of the days, weeks and perhaps even a month full of memories.

Traveling light is not selfish. It gives those sitting out this particular travel window an opportunity to experience their own world from a different perspective. We do appreciate most what we don’t always have around us. We hug a little tighter, we listen a little harder and we laugh a little louder.

We hope you will have the opportunity to take a “petite pause” and spend time to appreciate what your true passion is for you. The beauty and simplicity of what makes you special is sometimes just a day in the City, at a Museum or yes in the form of taking off and landing somewhere that makes you feel alive, whole and breathless.



For us, Traveling light involves a suitcase. Europe quenches our desire for simplicity, spontaneity and creativity. The value of food, family and tradition fills our soul. The history and beauty of Cathedrals and Cobblestone streets fills our meandering longing with old world charm. We leave a little bit of ourselves and touch the lives of those around us when we go it alone. The story you create is beautiful and a gift worth sharing. May traveling light inspire you to take a little time and give a little something back to yourself so that in return you may give that much more to others.


Leaving you for now with inspiration to Travel Often and Travel Pretty!



Cobblestone Living