“ I dream my Painting and I paint my dream.” Vincent Van Gogh. 




For us at Cobblestone Living this Van Gogh quote takes on a different meaning….“I dream my travels and I travel my dreams”. Inspiration allows us to voyage to many different places and seasons in our lives. A huge source of this creativity comes from our travels. Colors, textures, styles and layers mix with sunsets, train rides, highways and history to weave a beautiful foundation for each collection. A walk over a bridge in Venice can provide the perfect vision of bleu which is magical, mysterious and unexpected. When you are alive in your heart the creativity you feel and the dreams you have begin to race through your mind. No matter where your inspiration comes from life provides a continual journey to pick through, shuffle, scratch out and pencil in new images of past designs.


It is this version of our “painting” that makes the creating so rewarding. The culture, architecture and food are different by choice. We expand our senses in order to tell a story through our various clothing and luggage collections. Old world charm is as classic as a little black dress. We tell this story in our newest color to our Left Bank luggage collection. Inspired by the classic touches and the charms of Strasbourg in the historic region of Alsace, France. Strasbourg’s historic city centre is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is located at the border with Germany and boasts a distinctive collection of museums and parks throughout the city. The colors of Strasbourg were rich and regal. Luxurious and well appointed homes came alive with the sounds of the river winding its way in and around the village. A natural desire to give our luggage collection a distinctive look to match this backdrop, black suited this decision well.


We travel between France and Italy and have yet to point our finger to a favorite place! Each is as distinct and different as they can be yielding a European charm and fullness of life we spend many hours trying to recreate when we are back stateside. Even if we can’t recreate the charm and architectural eye candy that keeps us returning year after year, we hope to bring back from each excursion a color that reflects where we have been. A variation on the tapestry of hues and movement truly influences the palette of the entire Cobblestone Living Collection. Naturally drawn to a softer color scheme, tweaking what is real to the eye into what we wear is a beautiful challenge.


Wandering through Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, color was abundant. Our inspiration for Sage clearly came from the architecture and villas. The patina from structures hundreds of years old provided the perfect addition to our beige, taupe and grey stories. We have woven this soft whisper of sage into our Rosalina, Cassandra and Katerina silk tops. All of which have enjoyed much success due to the discerning tastes of our customers.


As we continue on this journey of inspiration, we can’t forget the changes the leaves give us as well as the temperature. We love the layering effects of the entire Cobblestone collection that drifts in and out of seasons so effortlessly. Our travel accessories, including the Josephine wrap, blend together and provide luxurious warmth whilst having coffee on the piazza or shopping until dinner alfresco. Wandering the streets of Florence, the wistful rays of rose sunsets contrasted dramatically to the Piazza Duomo at Midnight.


We hope a taste of what motivates and intriques us will carry over into your own personal style. What catches our eye, we hope you will see in the adventures that you experience. Blending a feminine and comfortable travel portfolio from head to roller wheels makes packing something to look forward to! Thank you for joining us on our never ending journeys! Until we return again…Travel Often, Travel Pretty!


(Josephine Wrap in Anthracite)

Be inspired. Be charmed. Be adventurous.

Ciao! 🇮🇹




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